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We made it! After a few years of planning my family and I made the move from Branford, CT to Mt Pleasant, SC. My family being my amazing wife Kelley and our 3 year old Daughter Mia. It’s been a wild ride getting here, literally. I spent 16 hours in a 24ft moving truck driving 896 miles. Nevermind the family convoy that was with me.

This is the start of Caprisio. What an interesting name you say? What does it mean you ask? Well I have to thank my daughter and her babysitter for this one. My wife and I were talking to Mia’s babysitter, Sydney, one night while there were glasses of wine in hand (don’t most stories start with wine?). We were talking about our moving and my business and I asked what I should name the new business. Sydney said “Caprisio.” And that was that. Ok, I have to back up the story even more. When Mia was first starting to learn her full name a teacher asked her what her name was. Instead of saying Mia Capri Esposito, she shortened it to Mia Caprisio. This became her nickname. And now, our business name!

We didn’t move to Charleston just to start a new business. There is actually 10 years of experience behind this. In CT I was known as Photographer RE. I was lucky to have a very successful business and become one of the most known and trusted photographers in the north east. I traveled across the US, Caribbean, and Central America photographing weddings. I spoke at national conferences and even taught photographers in London. It was an honor to be featured in an advertisement for Nikon. This past year I went back to my creative roots and started offering video for commercial purposes which included covering New Yorks Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I should probably mention I’m a 4 time Emmy Award Winning Video Editor.

So begins a new chapter in our lives and in our business. You can visit all the links on our website,  the Caprisio Facebook Page, my Richard Esposito Facebook Page, our Pinterest page, or if you need photography or commercial video services just say hello!

See you around Charleston!


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